Comfort Control

This section is devoted to aspects of a house that affect the interior temperature. Most of the products referenced here would in some way be considered "green".

Insulation simple Roman shades that are insulated with R-7 Reflectix.

Instructions for how to make your own Roman Sailshade without the need to sew the fabric.

Reduce your heating and cooling bills by installing a Radiant Barrier. desribes how radiant barriers work. sells alpaca wool insulation in Ohio. UltraTouch insulation from recycled post-industrial denim and cotton fibers. supplies natural sheep's wool insulation products to the U.S. market. sells radiant barrier and reflective foil bubble insulation products. made from over 60% recycled material with natural binders. facts about the value of cellulose insulation.

Heating informative site of company that will work with owner/builders to help design a radiant floor heating system. one of the original companies offering solar radiant floor heating systems. features a nice portfolio of masonry heater, rocket stoves, ovens, etc. sells a product that incorporates radiant heat tubes with plywood for flooring. Heating and Cooling Costs and Advice

Kelly Hart's review of Masonry Heaters: Designing, Building, and Living with a Piece of the Sun by Ken Matsz.

Cooling an Australian solution for simple roof vents that are designed to install on tile and corregated metal roofing. features solar and wind-driven attic ventilation systems.

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