Do-it-yourself Design


1) Cut a piece of Reflectix (R) ( www.reflectixinc.com ) the size of your window. Make the length 1/2 inch longer. (normal-sized windows) Reflectix is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and environmentally safe. It is available at Home Depot.

2) Divide the length into three panels. With a utility knife and straight edge carefully make two horizontal cuts 3/8 inch apart just barely through the first relective layer at each panel point. Peel off this very thin aluminum layer. You now have two hinges. This is the front of the shade.

3)Using a glue gun (the small $5 ones are fine) glue two key rings one inch down from the top edge of the back of the shade about four inches from the side edge. Using a 4 inch piece of fabric through the rings, spread out the tab for extra strength in gluing. Line them up with two cuphooks inside the window frame.

4) Cut a piece of white Roc-lon blackout fabric a little larger on all sides than the piece of Reflectix. This one layer adds an additional 1.47R. and is non-PVC. Using a glue gun, glue just a narrow bead along the wrapped edge to cover the side of the Reflectix that has the rings. With a nail scissors pull the top rings through the fabric. This is the back of the shade. This process will look neater with practice and a little glue will stop the fraying of the edges after cutting the fabric to pull through the rings. 

5) Now glue your face fabric to the front, inserting and gluing a loop at each side of the bottom hinge at the side edges. This entire process is no more difficult than wrapping a present. Add two more cup hooks at the top of the window to hook these loops when the shade is up.

6) Your Non-Sewn Sailshade â is finished. Hook it into place for evening and lift up and hook into place during the day. Most heat loss is at night. If you Sailshade your entire house expect at least 30% energy savings as well as much greater comfort. The south facing Sailshades can be lifted off the windows completely to maximize solar gain during the day.


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