Building Components

This section is devoted to all of those parts of a house that are necessary to make it functional. Most of the products referenced here are either of natural composition, or they in some way might be considered "green".

House Parts

Windows has a guide for selecting proper windows. has quite a bit of information about windows and energy efficiency.


Roofing provides a wealth of information about, and is a source for, thatching materials. sells bamboo, thatch reed panels, grass and reed thatch, etc. an Australian company imports Balinise thatch. manufactures a "liquid rubber" EPDM paint that has many applications for either roof repair or new roofs. metal roofing facts, faqs, costs, myths, pros and cons.


Plyboo remanufactured bamboo building materials.. manufactures bamboo flooring.

greenmountainwoodworks provides ecologically harvested hardwood products. Marmoleum is made of linseed oil, rosins, and wood flour, calendered onto a natural jute backing. It is a tough yet visually striking floor covering, highly resistant to heavy rolling loads and foot traffic.

flooringalternatives features bamboo and cork flooring products.

woodlandflooring a Canadian company that mills wood flooring from FSC certified or salvaged lumber. sells a range of recycled wood flooring materials from North Carolina. manufactures recycled granite pavers in Kansas. Blazestone tile is made entirely from post-industrial and postconsumer glass. manufactures various products with recycled content. offers a 70% recycled content tile series. Green Leaf Brick are not reused brick from demolished buildings, but are newly manufactured red brick made from select materials that are rescued from landfills, open pit mining byproducts, incinerator ash from local sewage treatment and plant refuse. this eco friendly line is comprised entirely of post consumer recycled glass. Eco-Friendly Flooring: How To Make Sense Of Competing Claims

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