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There are many ways to conserve the use of fossil fuel; using the sun, wind, or water to produce electricity are among them. If you choose to do this, you will be forced to be careful in the way you use your electricity because it is limited. Whether you get your electricity from alternative sources or from the grid, it pays to choose energy efficient appliances. Front-loading clothes washers, for instance, use much less electricity, water and soap than the top-loaders. Compact florescent lights use about a third of the electricity of standard bulbs. Many appliances use electricity by just being plugged in (known as phantom loads); be sure to avoid this.



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Wind Power
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A Solar Hot Tub and Fountain

Avoiding Gridlock in your Home

Masonry Heaters

How Geothermal and Radiant Heat can Save Money and be More Comfortable


with Johnny Weiss

Wind Turbines
Wood Heat
Financial Matters


Let It Shine:
The 6,000-Year Story
of Solar Energy

by John Perlin and Amory Lovins, 2013


The Greened House Effect: Renovating Your Home with a Deep Energy Retrofit
by Jeff Wilson, 2013

Click on image for more information

The Homeowner's Energy Handbook: Your Guide to Getting Off the Grid
by Paul Scheclel, 2013


Reinventing Fire:
Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era

by Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute, 2013

Click on image for more information

Consumer Guide
to Home Energy Savings:
Save Money, Save the Earth

by Jennifer Amann, Alex Wilson & Katie Ackerly, 2012


Design and Construction of High-Performance Homes: Building Envelopes,
Renewable Energies and Integrated Practice
byFranca Truniano, 2012


Renewable Energy:
Power fo a
Sustainable Future

by Godfrey Boyle, 2012


Smart Grid Home
by Quentin Wells, 2012


Power With Nature:
Renewable Energy Options
for Homeowners

Rex A. Ewing, 2012


Towards Zero Energy Architecture:
New Solar Design

by Mary Guzowski, 2012



Introduction to Renewable Energy
by Vaughn Nelson, 2011


A Solar Buyer's Guide for the Home and Office: Navigating the Maze of Solar Options, Incentives, and Installers
by Stephen and Rebekah Hren, 2010


Read Kelly Hart's review

Renewable Energy: Technology, Economics
and Environment

by Martin Kaltschmitt, Wolfgang Streicher, Andreas Wiese, 2010


Renewable Energies
for Your Home:
Real-World Solutions
for Green Conversions

by Russel Gehrke, Dale Wiley, 2009


Energy Free:
Homes for a Small Planet

by Ann V. Edminster, 2009 

Click on image for more information

Future Energy:
Improved, Sustainable and Clean Options for our Planet

by Trevor Letcher, 2008


Visions for a Sustainable Energy Future
by Mark A. Gabriel, 2008


Renewable and Alternative Energy Resources:
A Reference Handbook

by Zachary Smith, Katrina Taylor, 2008


Energy Supply and Renewable Resources
by Regina Anne Kelly, 2008


Renewable Energy
in Power Systems

by Leon Freris, David Infield, 2008


Earth: The Sequel:
The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming

by Fred Krupp, Miriam Horn, 2008


Renewable Energy:
Sustainable Energy Concepts for the Future

by Roland Wengenmayr, Thomas Bührke, 2008


Handbook oF Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
by Frank Kreith, D. Yogi Goswami, 2007

Click on image for more information

Off The Grid Homes:
Case Studies for
Sunstainable Living

by Lori Ryker, 2007


The Renewable Energy Handbook: A Guide to Rural Energy Independence, Off-Grid and Sustainable Living by William H. Kemp, 2006


The Homeowners Guide to Energy Independence: Alternative Power Sources for the Average American
by Christine Woodside, 2006


nrel.gov The Renewable Resource Data Center (RReDC) provides access to an extensive collection of renewable energy resource data, maps, and tools.

the-mrea.org Midwest Renewable Energy Association site with information on PV, solar water heating, their annual fair, etc.

solar-energy-for-homes.com has lots of information about the use of solar enegry for electricity, hot water, cooking, hot tubs, etc.

ecodirect.com links to several informative articles about renewable energy technology.

starrynightlights.com is devoted to diminishing light pollution.

fresnelheatsystems.com describes a concept for using fresnel lenses to boost heating with solar for the production of electricity or heat.

sitiosolar.com a Spanish language site that focuses on renewable energy.



Do It Yourself
12 Volt Solar Power

by Michel Daniek, 2013

Click on image for more information

Solar Electricity Handbook, 2013 Edition:
A Simple Practical Guide to Solar Energy - Designing and Installing Photovoltaic
Solar Electric Systems

by Michael Boxwell, 2012


Grid-connected Solar Electric Systems: The Earthscan Expert Handbook for Planning, Design and Installation
Geoff Stapleton and Susan Neill, 2012


Solar Energy Essentials for the Homeowner:
Common Questions about Solar Energyfor the Home

by Blake Webster, 2012


Solar Electricy Basics:
A Green Energy Guide

by Dan Chiras, 2010

Click on image for more information
Click on image for more information

Photovoltaic Systems
by James P. Dunlop, 2009


Design and Installation Manual

by Solar Energy Ingternational, 2004

Click on image for more information

freesunpower.com this site has assembled a detailed set of free tutorials and worksheets for calculating needs and system requirements for solar electricity.

aboutmyplanet.com has lots of articles about solar power.

solarenergy.com this is a free solar energy calculator that can help evaluate the cost of a PV system on your house.


solar hot water:
choosing, fitting
and using a system

Lee Rose, 2012


Solar Domestic Water Heating: The Earthscan Expert Handbook for Planning, Design
and Installation

by Chris Laughton, 2010


Solar Water Heating:
A Comprehensive Guide to Solar Water And Space Heating Systems

by Bob Ramlow, Benjamin Nusz, 2010

Click on image for more information

Do It Yourself Solar Panels for Swimming Pools, Spas & more
DVD, 2006


Seabird Island Project shows unique design for the solar heating of water and space through warm air collection and geothermal heat tubes.

alternativepowerdistribution.com describes evacuated tube solar water heating systems.



Windmills and Wind Motors: How to Build and Run Them
F. E. Powell, 2012


Wind Power Workshop: Building Your Own Wind Turbine
by Hugh Piggott, 2011



Wind Energy Handbook
by Tony Burton et al, 2011


Wind Power Basics:
A Green Energy Guide

by Dan Chiras, 2010

Click on image for more information

Wind Power For Dummies
by Ian Woofenden, 2009


Power From the Wind: Achieving Energy Independence
by Dan Chiras, Mick Sagrillo, Ian Woofenden, 2009

Click on image for more information

Wind Energy Basics:
A Guide to Home- and Community-Scale Wind-Energy Systems

by Paul Gipe, 2009

Click on image for more information

Homebrew Wind Power
by Dan Bartmann and Dan Fink, 2008


Wind Energy Information Guide
by National Renewable Energy Laboratory , U. S. Department of Energy, 2005


Wind Power:
Renewable Energy for Home, Farm and Business
by Paul Gipe, 2004 

Click on image for more information

awea.org American Wind Energy Association provides a wealth of information about generating energy from wind.



Designing and Building Mini and Micro Hydro Power Schemes:
A Practical Guide

by Luis Rodriguez and Teodoro Sanchez, 2011


Serious Microhydro:
Water Power Solutions from the Experts

edited by Scott Davis

Click on image for more information

Clean Power from Water

by Scott Davis, 2003

Click on image for more information

microhydropower.com lists several articles about micro hydro power systems.

brownellmicrohydro.com has a nice directory of links related to micro hydro systems.


The Log Book:
Getting the best
from your wood-burning stove

Will Rolls, 2012

Click on image for more information

Masonry Heaters:
Designing, Building, and Living with a Piece of the Sun

by Ken Matsz, 2010

Click on image for more information

review by Kelly Hart

Rocket Mass Heaters: Superefficient Woodstoves YOU Can Build
by Ianto Evans and Leslie Jackson, 2006


The Book of Masrony Stoves: Rediscovering
an Old Way of Warming

by David Lyle, 1998


chimneykeepers.com introduction to masonry stoves.

envisioneer.net has free plans, description and photos of how to build a small masonry stove with paving stones.

richsoil.com has a good description and lots of videos about Rocket Mass Stoves

rumford.com lots of information about Rumford fireplaces.

lowtechmagazine.com a very nice illustrated article about masonry heaters.

mountainviewoffgridliving.com this Kimberly Stove is extremely efficient, as well as light weight and beautiful.

hybroexpo.com produces a unique electric infrared panel heater that is both beautiful and efficient.




Daylighting for Sustainable Design
by Mary Guzowski, 1999


Natural Light
in Residential Architecture

by Michelle Corrodi and Klaus Spechtenhauser, 2008




geothermalheaters.com explains how geothermal heat pumps work.

cmrmechanical.com has some FAQ's about geothermal systems.



mayapedal.org an amazing collection of pedal-powered machines, including grain mill, water pump, blender, metal sharpener, washing machine, electrical generator, wood saw, etc.


The Human-Powered Home:
Choosing Muscles
Over Motors

by Tamara Dean, 2008

Click on image for more information

small-farm-permaculture-and-sustainable-living.com a description of a simple biodigestor to make methane.



Distributed Renewable Energies for Off-Grid Communities:
Strategies and Technologies toward Achieving
Sustainability in Energy Generation and Supply

Nasir El Bassam, Preben Maegaard and Marcia Schlichting, 2012


Power from the People:
How to Organize, Finance, and Launch Local Energy Projects

by Greg Pahl, 2012

Click on image for more information

cleanenergycollective.com assists with establishing community owned renewable energy facilities.

solargardens.org describes the history of the Solar Garden concept for community owned renewable energy projects.

concertoplus.eu explains all of Concerto's initiatives for bringing renewable energy to cities throughout Europe.



dsireusa.org The Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE) is a comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility, and selected federal incentives that promote renewable energy.

epa.gov The Green Power Partnership is a program that helps the procurement of green power by offering expert advice, technical support, tools and resources.



naturalhomes.org lists workshops from around the world related to renewable energy.

solarenergy.org Solar Energy International on-line courses.

lowimpact.org the Low-Impact Linving Initiative in England provides information and courses related to renewable energy.

solarconnectionma.com has a number of informative pages answering questions about various modes solar energy use in the home.

renewableenergyaccess free weekly newletter of on-line information about renewable energy.

ases.org the American Solar Energy Society publishes "Solar Today" and posts articles on-line.

homepower.com website for Home Power Magazine: the best source of up-to-date information about alternative energy for the home!

seia.org the Solar Energy Industries Association provides news and has a database of solar contractors.

solaraccess.com news, education, business listings and jobs related to renewable energy.



Energy Systems and Sustainability:
Power for a Sustainable Future

edited by
Bob Everett, Godfrey Boyle, Stephen Peake and Janet Ramage, 2012


Rooftop Revolution:
How Solar Power Can Save Our Economy-and Our Planet-from Dirty Energy

by Danny Kennedy, 2012


Harvest the Wind:
America's Journey to Jobs, Energy Independence, and Climate Stability

by Philip Warburg, 2012


Before the Lights Go Out: Conquering the Energy Crisis Before It Conquers Us
by Maggie Koerth-Baker, 2012



Solar Revolution:
The Economic Transformation
of the Global Energy Industry

by Travis Bradford, 2008


Investing in Renewable Energy: Making Money on Green Chip Stocks
by Jeff Siegel, Chris Nelder, Nick Hodge, 2008


Careers in Renewable Energy:
Get a Green Energy Job

by Gregory McNamee, 2008


The Manhattan Project of 2009: Renewable Energy NOW
by Jeff Wilson, 2008


Energy Autonomy:
The Economic, Social and Technological Case for Renewable Energy

by Hermann Scheer, 2007


The Clean Tech Revolution: The Next Big Growth and Investment Opportunity
by Ron Pernick, Clint Wilder, 2007




findsolar.com An online directory of solar energy professionals

solarenergy.net features a directory of solar professionals, solar power cost calculator, and interactive solar maps for researching the Solar Power potential of your home, checking out federal, state, and local rebates and incentives.

seia.org the Solar Energy Industries Association provides news and has a database of solar contractors.

solaraccess.com news, education, business listings and jobs related to renewable energy.

cirkits.com links to manufacturers, organizations, etc. related to alternative energy.


Earth-sheltered Active Home
Ferid Abbasher, Architect
Earth-sheltered buildings best protect against extreme temperature variations, storms, earthquakes, noise and even military strikes. The passive design principles of internal heat zoning and compact planning are employed in this EcoHouse. It should be a wonderful place in which to live; warm and quiet, with light flooding in from the south, the ventilation system providing clean and fresh air, while being sheltered by beautiful landscape.

Photovoltaic cells along the ridge convert sunlight into electricity. To ensure an efficient use of solar energy, materials with a high thermal storage capacity were selected. The utility room in the northern part of the house accommodates all HVAC and other equipment. A ventilation system creates a state of low pressure, drawing heated air from the greenhouse into the living areas. A supplementary heating system can also be provided, but with a time switch to turn it off so that the use of outside energy does not become the rule. In summer, the south face can be opened to two thirds of its area. Sunscreening is envisaged as an option, provided that your local latitude and climatic conditions so require. The ventilation system can also be reversed to circulate cooler air from the north side through the house.

For more information about this plan, and many others, visit our sister site www.dreamgreenhomes.com, where you will find a wide range of plans for sustainable homes, greenhouses, small buildings, garages, and food storage space for sale. Dream Green Homes is a consortium of outstanding architects and designers, who have pooled their talent and expertise for your benefit.

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