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My name is Alex and myself and my young family sold up last year in the UK and started a new life in Nicaragua. We have gone into partnership with a local family and are currently building our house using bamboo, wood and Adobe construction on their land and we are about to embark on a project to create a learning centre that will be used to teach an aray of skills but our main focus will be on natural building techniques, natural energy technologies, permaculture, natural plant medicine and tinctures. We want to be able to offer this service free of charge to the local community and to do this we are also creating a small ecolodge, accommodation and a restaurant, this in turn will fund the learning centre. We came here to live off the land and live simply. To enable us to push this vision forward we are creating a 'Go fund me' project.


I finally own some raw land as I recover from devastating losses, including homelessness, a fractured neck (c7), loss of business, relationships, and other dreaded realities. Please help me create a shelter on my lots so I can finally have a place to live on my own. The lots are located in Elizabeth, PA 15037. Thanks for any help. I can send you a resume if you like. I would like to stabilize myself so I can do some good for others! Mark Homa 215-603-6280..... markjhomaATgmail.com


Television Opportunities

We are producing a five part documentary series for one of the largest social networking and content providers in the world. We are shooting all over the world between early June and mid August, documenting persons/couples/families who are currently in the process of building, remodelling, or have completed, an amazing home project. We are looking to capture how people change their environments to bring themselves greater happiness and how they use their living space to mirror their passions, dreams and identity. We are interested in tapping into people’s creativity, ingenuity, engineering prowess, expertise in a particular area and determination to create the perfect living space.

I'm hoping to find someone that is completing a residential build this summer. Whether it be a dome home, a solar home or a silo conversion, it simply needs to be something that grabs the imagination and is very unique!

Contact: holly.godsland AT barcroftmedia.com


My name is Gwendolyn Nix and I'm a casting producer with Warm Springs Productions (www.warmsprings.tv) and the DIY network. I'm currently casting the third season of DIY's show "Building Off the Grid." We're looking throughout the United States for folks who will soon be building an off-grid dwelling (i.e. starting within in the next few months). We cannot consider homes that are already underway. All types of structures can be considered i.e. straw bale, earthship, tiny homes, yurts, container homes, earth-sheltered, log, stick-built, or whatever else your imagination comes up with! If you're chosen for this project there is generous pay involved. Please note, in order to be considered for the show, the home must be built on the land where it will ultimately exist (as opposed to being built in a warehouse and then transported to the land) Here is a sneak peek link to the show: www.diynetwork.com

If you're interested, please reach me at Warm Springs Productions, Cell: 406-214-6405, gnnixATwarmsprings.tv


My name is Sam Davis and I am a casting producer for a production company called Our House Media. We are in the process of casting 8 new episodes for a second season of the DIY Network Show - Building Off the Grid, and we’re looking to follow 8 different builds (one builder per episode) as they build one of their more unique builds for the show.  They can be anywhere in the US, so long as the build is off the grid and is able to support itself on its own.

Requirements for the potential build: Must be +1000 square feet; Must be in remote location (no nearby neighbours); Must be off-grid (water,electric & heating); Must have some sort process to access building site. (not essential but would be interesting); Must begin in 2018.

Here is a link to the DIY Network show so you can see what kind of houses we filmed for Season 1:  http://watch.diynetwork.com/show/HBLBD/Building-Off-the-Grid-Maine-Lighthouse/

Email: Sdavis@ourhousemedia.com  t: 416-551-1032 ext 248 


Dorsey Pictures is looking for build crews who overhaul regular homes to run off the grid!

Seeking design-build groups who create stunning, visual transformations by
"overhauling" the average home, Dorsey Pictures is currently looking for a team of
experts who specialize in renovating clients' homes to be more green, sustainable and efficient. Sustainability CAN be chic! If you and your build crew are hired by clients to revamp or “hack” homes to be more efficient or run off the grid, we want to hear from you!!
Please email whayesATdorseytv.com as soon as possible, as casting has already begun.

In the email, please provide the following information:


My name is Jesse Magallanes and I work for the Toronto based television production company Our House Media. We are in the process of casting 8 new episodes for a second season of the DIY Network Show - Building Off the Grid, and we’re looking to follow 8 different companies (one company per episode) as they build one of their more unique builds for the show. They can be anywhere in the US, so long as the build is off the grid and is able to support itself on its own. The network particularly loves it when the owners of an off the grid company build an off grid home for their own family, so if that’s you - I would love to speak with you! But if you’re about to work on a client’s off grid home that is a unique build - we are still very open to doing that as well. Here is a link to the DIY Network show so you can see what kind of houses we filmed for Season 1: http://watch.diynetwork.com/show/HBLBD/Building-Off-the-Grid-Maine-Lighthouse/ If you are interested in the opportunity, please let me know what day and time works best for you to chat. Feel free to call me at 416-551-1032 x 228 or e-mail me back, whichever is easiest for you. jmagallanesATourhousemedia.com


We are currently casting a TV doc-series and are looking for builders, architects, and/or designers that build off the grid homes. We are looking for people from all backgrounds and skill levels. We want to find great personalities who aspire to, or are currently building, unique structures or homes off the grid. We preferably would like to find people who are building in the southeast region of the US. The TV doc-series airs on a popular TV network and we are casting for future episodes. You can reach me at: castingAToakzmedia.com Sammy-Jo Sanford



Ionia, a macrobiotic eco-village in Alaska, has space and desire for eight dedicated volunteers to help us build the Ionia barn this Spring and Summer. We can offer free air tickets, shared space in a lovely log cabin, good knowledgable company, delicious plant based meals, bright Alaskan days and an exciting learning experience on one of the biggest modern straw/clay buildings in the world. We will also be bringing our barn crew on a monthly Alaskan excursion/adventure.

To see photos of the barn construction, which is in it's last phases, as well as Ionia, the community, see our website: www.ionia.org. And also ioniabarn.org. You don't need any money to come, just the freedom to follow your passions for learning more about natural buildings and explore life in a homesteading community. The village of Ionia has big gardens, and lots of daily happenings with plenty of children running around and four babies being born this spring. We don't use marijuana, light alcohol is usual but we keep the property sugar and animal food free. We are located a half hour from town and there are daily rides in. We are hoping to gather a vibrant cadre of people to work together daily on the barn this year and learn from each other. We have semi-experienced timber framers, masons, plumbers, carpenters, lite straw/clay builders and plasterers on site.

This year, we are applying finish plasters; installing ceiling boards and natural insulation; building two rocket mass heaters; timber framing bannisters and building big barn doors. We need a cadre of serious natural builders to join our teams, and all levels of experience are welcome. If we are compatible, we hope for a six week - 3 month commitment, beginning in May. Please contact Ann at longhouseATionia.org or 907-262-2824 if you are interested in this once in a lifetime experience!


Help  Available

What I would like to do is bring my field experience to the home owner at his site and build for the owner, teach the owner how to build, and work with the owner building his home. I am will to travel and enjoy it. I have built in Rhode Island, Nevada, Arizona, and Florida. If need be I have a construction trailer I could bring to the job site.

I prefer  to act as the owner's project manager as this can save the owner a large sum of money. I can draft the plans, get the project though the building permit process, help obtain the subcontractors. I usually design to the customers needs. I have built both commercial and residential. I have references and photos of some of the work I have completed.

Contact Richard Sweeten: ricksweetenAThotmail.com


I have always dreamed of knowing how to build with natural materials (cob and clay has been a particular interest) and I am really interested in knowing all steps involved.  I live in Portland, Oregon and would love the opportunity to build with someone in my area or fairly close by. So really the issue would be aligning schedules to be able to take part.  I so look forward to this opportunity.

Rachel Williams
rwbeloved40 AT gmail.com




For Sale or Free

I have 5 used 40' shipping containers for sale 1k each you haul from Boulder, CO. Jordan Sparacio jrsparacio88ATgmail.com


Finding Property

We have five acres (already subdivided into four lots) which would be suitable for an earth bermed home  located 50 miles west of Albany, NY for sale. See: http://www.pasttimespresent.com/Redshed
John Haigis
Email: johnghd AT yahoo.com


www.ListedGreen.com lists green properties for sale.



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