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Superadobe Dome Workshop
May 22 - 29
Paterna Calabro, Italy

CalEarth Institute in collaboration with Vide Terra have organized this 8 day intensive course. During the workshop a 2 meter earth dome with a door and window will be built. The purpose of the course is to give the theoretical and practical tools useful to design and build a small earth structure or living space.

See www.videterra.org for more information.

Sweat Lodge, Earth Building & Music Video
May 26 - 29
Safe Haven Village, Utah

Participate in a sweat lodge to rejuvenate and connect to spirit, learn to build with with the earth and be a part of our "Safe Haven Village People" music video!

See this link for more information.

Art of Tadelakt Plaster Workshop
May 27 - 28
Petersborough, ON, Canada

Tadelakt is a natural plaster method that originates in Morocco. Tadelakt is the only type of natural plaster that is inherently waterproof, making it ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, showers, tubs and sinks. It is a beautiful plaster with an unequalled shiny finish and variegated colouring that is pleasing to the eye and to the touch. The Art of Tadelakt Plastering teaches you how to create this amazing finish for your own home.

See www.endeavourcentre.org for more information.

Co-Create an Earthbag Home
May 30 - Sept. 29
Taos, New Mexico

This is a four month project, building an earth bag home from the earth up.

MONTH 1: Building a mechanical room, bag work, perimeter insulation, and vapor barrier. Innovative trench grade beam footing.

MONTH 2: Concrete footings and concrete bond beam. 2 x 6 south facing framed wall. Roof framed and sheathed

MONTH 3: Installing fixed and operable windows, seal windows, exterior plaster prep and plaster, pouring finish floors, putting up ceiling, building bottle and can walls

MONTH 4: Plastering interior walls, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, building and installing doors. Finish plaster exterior. Landscaping.

See www.earthandsunsustainablebuilders.com for more information.

Free Semester in Ecological Design
June 1 Deadline for August 28 - December 8
Ecosa Institute, Prescott, Arizona

See www.ecosa.org for more information.

Natural Plaster Workshop
June 10 - 11
Petersborough, ON, Canada

Our Natural Plaster Workshop takes you from base coat to fine finishes. Clay and lime plasters are beautiful, non-toxic, good for the planet and lots of fun to mix and apply! Learn to work with natural clay and lime binders using recipes and techniques that will work on any natural wall material as well as conventional wall types. You will discover how to prepare wall surfaces and set up a plastering job to look great.

See www.endeavourcentre.org for more information.

Clayfest 2017
June 12 - 17
Lincoln, UK

Our theme explores the relationships between Earth Building and other materials, construction and design and training, thinking about building bridges through knowledge, skills, research and training. This year we want to combine teaching core skills at beginners, semi-skilled and skilled levels with a spirit of curiosity and invention. Earth building is having a renaissance with people trying many new ways to work with some of the oldest materials and techniques. From the structural to aesthetic, thermal properties to colour we hope to encourage and show that earth in buildings can exceed all expectations. Last year saw the second only ever rammed earth vault, the year before the first turf wall in Scotland in a very long time. This year what will it be?, stoves that heat and cook by burning straw, industrial clay and hemp and some clay and lime magic.

See ebuki.co for more iniformation.

Hemp Building Course
June 30 - July 2
Vilanu nov., Latvia

Steve Allin's three day course includes theory and practice to give participants an opportunity to understand how the material works and the economics of the process of installation. Students get a chance to get hands-on experience with frame building, hempcrete installation, shuttering design and hemp plastering. Participants are presented with a Certificate of competence on completion of the course. Popular with people from many strands of the construction industry, Steve’s courses have been attended by architects, builders, interior designers, students and many other people interested in finding solutions to energy and environmental problems.

See hempbuilding.com for more information.

Everything Earthen
July 8 - 14
Rockaway Beach, Oregon

Experience cob and so much more. This is an in-depth overview of how to source, process, mix, and transform common earth materials into beautiful housing and art. Learn how to create walls from cob/adobe, wattle and daub, rammed earth, straw clay, wood chip clay, straw bales, and more. Learn to mix and apply plasters of cob (adobe), cement, and lime. Also discover mixing and application of earthen paints and lime paints. Hands-on instruction, lectures and slides.

See www.earthenhand.com for more information.

Youth Cob Basics
August 2 - 30
Rockaway Beach, Oregon

Math meets mud in this new course. Monolithic earthen domes have been a common form of shelter around the world for eons. They can make great root cellars or garden sheds, and can easily endure the elements with a roof. Learn to construct a small catenary dome over four weekend classes. Attend some or all weekends, but we recommend all. It's going to be technical and fun!

See www.earthenhand.com for more information.

Decorative Clay Plasters
August 5 - 6
Rockaway Beach, Oregon

Learn the ancient art of mixing and plastering with clay, sand, and natural fibers. We will try out several different methods of application, and focus on the artistic possibilities using adobe. Have fun and get creative!

See www.earthenhand.com for more information.

Cob Dome Construction
August 6 - 28
Rockaway Beach, Oregon

For ages 10 - 17, and parents are welcome too. Attend any number of classes. Have fun playing with mud as a sculpture and building material. Learn something new this summer!Tuesday evenings, 3:00pm - 6:00pm

See www.earthenhand.com for more information.

Basics of Natural Building
Sept 2 - 4
Maricopa, California

This will be a very introductory exploration into the world of earthen and natural materials.  Learn how to source clay soils and other materials, make cob and adobe, and help build a cob wall.  Visit many examples of natural buildings on our building tour.  

  • Course Tuition: $400 (Early bird discount $350, if registered and paid by July 15th)
  • Course fee includes: Instruction, catered meals and camping accommodations

Contact Sasha Rabin, sashaATquailsprings.org for more information.

7th International Hemp Building Symposium
Oct. 17 - 18
Montreal, Canada

The two day event will consist of international speakers with the latest research results and material tests. There will also be presentations from people working in the industry about projects they are involved in both planned or completed.

This year’s Symposium visit is an outing to a church and stone buildings situated nearby, a very beautiful project which has been renovated with Hempcrete and Hemp Plaster the inside of the stone wall.

See www.internationalhempbuilding.org for more information.


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