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Encounter Earthship Field Study
March 1 - 26
Toas, New Mexico

Build an Earthship from start to finish. 5 days per week 9:00-4:30 on the job site.  Question & Answer session with Michael Reynolds. Housing on campus is available,

See earthshipbiotecture.com for more information.

Earth Workshop
April, 2021
Zirc, Hungary

Earthworkshop Zirc will focus on earth building techniques. Through this practise-based and theoretical-accomplished course you will be trained in rammed earth and clay plaster while building parts of an apartment house and have the chance to experiment in earth laboratory. What you will learn:

• you will learn the principals of the rammed earth construction technique and clay plastering
• you will learn how to create a rammed earth mixture ---> bring min. 5kg of your earth from home so you can learn to create a rammed earth mix and clay plaster with your own earth.
• you will learn how to set up a stable formwork and to use a pneumatic rammer.
• you will build an exterior rammed earth wall and a rammed earth floor.
• you will learn about the benefits of clay plaster and how to apply it!
• you will learn which tools you need to build a rammed earth wall and a rammed earth floor and how to use it.
• you will experiment with different material mixtures and try out different formworks. experienced rammed earth builders will support you along your discovery journey. 

for more information:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/2424536577852370 


May 8 - 15
Apulia, Italy

The Cal-Earth Institute (California Institute of Earth Architecture) in collaboration with Vide Terra organize a SuperAdobe workshop in Italy. This 8 days intensive course teaches how to apply the SuperAdobe/earthbag technique for a dome construction.

The workshop attendees will receive an official certificate of completion from the Cal-Earth Institute.

During the workshop we will build a 2,5m (internal diameter) earth dome with a door opening and a window. The purpose of the course is to give the theoretical and practical tools to design and build a small earth structure or a living space.

The workshop will be divided into a theoretical and a practical part.

- Earth architecture and the advantages of building with earth
- SuperAdobe technique
- Principle of the arch and of the dome
- Use of the compasses for domes construction
- SuperAdobe domes design principles
- Practical techniques to analyse earth composition
- Water management
- Introduction to waterproofing
- Designing more complex structures, connection between domes, Eco-Dome concept.

- Hands on construction of a complete 2,5m earth dome (foundation and structure)
- Creation of openings for doors, windows and ventilation
- Introduction to plastering

See www.videterra.org for more information.

See On-Going Workshops for more listings.


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