The Earthship concept is the brainchild of Michael Reynolds, who has written several books on the topic. Near Taos New Mexico, where he has his Earthship Biotecture business, are whole communities of earthships. The basic earthship design incorporates substantially bermed, passive solar architecture. The primary retaining walls are constructed with used tires, filled with earth and stacked up like bricks. The interior surface of the tires is then plastered with adobe or cement so the tires don't normally show. Mike has also pioneered the use of empty aluminum cans mortared into lightweight, curvable walls. Earthships often employ many ecological concepts, such as water catchment from the roof, reuse of greywater, composting toilets, indoor gardening, etc.

While some of the work of building is simple to do, it also tends to be very labor intensive. Furthermore, the wood framing required is not simple. Some of the earlier designs tend to overheat, especially in the summer, because of the slanted glass to the south. I have seen some truly elegant earthships, along with some that are pretty funky. Engineered plans are available that seem to please building inspectors, as these have been built in many localities.





Earthship Building:
An Ecocentric Method of Construction



with Michael Reynolds



Hacking the Earthship:
In Search of an Earth-Shelter that WORKS for EveryBody

by Rachel Preston Prinz, 2015

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How to Build a Global Model Earthship Operation I:
Tire Work

by Michael Reynolds, 2012

Operation II:
Concrete Work

by Michael Reynolds, 2013

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Earthships in Europe
Mischa Hewitt and Kevin Telfer, 2012

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earthship WIZARDS
Michael Reynolds, 2012

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Engineer's Report: Seismic Performance Evaluation and Tire Construction Analysis
Michael Reynolds, 2012

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The Zero-Carbon House
by Martin Godfrey Cook, 2011

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The Tire House Book
by Ed Paschich, 2005

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Water From The Sky
by Michael Reynolds, 2005

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Comfort in Any Climate
by Michael Reynolds, 2000

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Evolution Beyond Economics

by Mike Reynolds, 1993

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Systems and Components

by Michael Reynolds, 1991

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How to Build Your Own

by Michael E. Reynolds, 1990

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These are some of the latest plans from Earthship/Biotecture, Mike Reynolds' planning company. This is called a "Castle Earthship" and is the more basic of three new plans. A more advanced plan includes a two story jungle greenhouse.


Global Model Earthship
Michael Reynolds, Designer

The Earthship home will keep you comfortable in most any climate on the planet. These Earthship plans are the result of 40 years of research and development in the field and on the drawing table. Because these plans are "off-the-rack," this a very "user friendly" approach for the owner/builder. This unit can be the easiest first step into the Earthship method of living. Sizes begin at the 800 square foot "Nest" studio and go up to a 3 bed, 2 bath Earthship and larger. Because every room surrounds you with thermal mass, the rooms provide an embracing thermal stability. The Earthship modules may be built individually, in a step by step fasion to create a comprehensive approach for all aspects of a completely sustainable home.

Studio - 800 sq. ft.     One Bed - 1000 sq. ft.      Two Bed - 1200 sq. ft.      Three Bed - 1500 sq. ft.

Floor Plan for 2-Bedroom Model


For more information about this plan, and many others, visit our sister site www.dreamgreenhomes.com, where you will find a wide range of plans for sustainable homes, greenhouses, small buildings, garages, and food storage space for sale. Dream Green Homes is a consortium of outstanding architects and designers, who have pooled their talent and expertise for your benefit.


earthship.org this is the home site of earthship/biotecture, Mike Reynolds' business.

youtube.com Earthship 101, Part 1; youtube.com part 2. youtube.com "Earthship Journey"

Earthship tours: youtube.com, youtube.com,

daycreek.com page of photos and description of earthships.

touchtheearthranch.com has some general information about building with tires, including bales of tires.

therubberhouse.nl is a blog about building a tire house in Gambia.

The Tire House Book by Ed Paschich, Paula Hendricks, 1995.

earthship.es is a blog about a hybrid earthship/geodiesic structure in Spain.

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