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Conserve Water

The average person in the U. S. uses between 100 and 250 gallons of water a day. I know it is possible to get by just fine on one tenth that amount. The use of low water capacity toilets, flow restrictors at shower heads and faucet aerators are fairly common now. More radical conservation approaches include diverting gray water from bathing, clothes washing and bathroom sinks to watering plants; catching rain water from roofs and paved areas for domestic use and switching to composting toilets. These can be very effective and safe means of water conservation if done carefully to avoid bacterial infestation; be sure to comply with all local laws that regulate these strategies. Landscaping with drought tolerant, indigenous plants can also save an enormous amount of water.



Water Conservation

Construction of a Humanure Compost Bin


with Graham Bell

Using Gray Water

Rainwater Catchment
Black Water Treatment
Compost Toilets

Rainwater Catchment
Compost Toilets
Waste Water
Water Storage



oasisdesign.net information about rainwater harvesting, gray water use and composting toilets.

harvesth2o.com is dedicated to the advancement of sustainable water management practices and has this informative on-line journal.

naturalhomes.org list workshops from around the world related to water conservation and permaculture.

lowimpact.org the Low-Impact Linging Initiative in England provides information and courses related to water conservation.

lenntech.com/water-ecology Frequently asked questions about water ecology, in English and other languages.

ecowaters.org promotes workshops, sells plans, and provides information about graywater reuse, rainwater havesting, and compost toilets.

nahbgreen.org describes the National Association of Home Builders National Green Building Program.

wolfbarrowscorp.tripod.com/ sells a device to recover water wasted when running the hot water tap until it gets hot.

Water, Peace, and War: Confronting the
Global Water Crisis

by Brahma
Chellaney, 2013


A Journey in
the Future of Water

by Terje Tvedt, 2013


Taking on Water:
How One Water Expert Challenged Her Inner Hypocrite, Reduced Her Water Footprint and Found Nirvana

by Wendy Pabich, 2012


The Future of Water by Steve Maxwell, 2012


The Ripple Effect:
The Fate of Fresh Water
in the Twenty-First Century

Alex Prud’homme, 2011


Virtual Water:
Tackling the Threat to Our Planet's Most Precious Resource

by Tony Allan, 2011


Energy-Wise Landscape Design:
A New Approach
for your Home and Garden

by Sue Reed, 2010

Click on image for more information

Coping with Water Scarcity: Addressing the Challenges
by Luis Santos Pereira, Ian Cordery, Iacovos Iacovides, 2009


Water Consciousness
by Tara Lohan, 2008


Reusing the Resource:
Adventures in Ecological Wastewater Rescycling

by Carol Steinfield & David Del Porto, 2007

Click on image for more information

Earth's Water Crisis (What If We Do Nothing?)
by Rob Bowden, 2007


Water: Use Less-Save More: 100 Water-Saving
Tips for the Home

by Jon Clift, Amanda Cuthbert, 2007


Sewage Solutions:
Amswering the call of nature

by Nick grant, Mark Moodie & Chris Weedon, 2005

Click on image for more information

Handbook of Water Use and Conservation:
Homes, Landscapes, Industries, Businesses, Farms

by Amy Vickers, 2001


Growing Clean Water:
Nature's Solution
to Water Pollution

by B. C. Wolverton, John D. Wolverton, 2001


Water: The Fate of
Our Most Precious Resource

by Marq De Villiers, 2000



Permaculture Institute of Northern California discusses of what permaculture is all about and presents lots of workshops.

permaculture.org.au the Permaculture Research Institute features forums, courses, information and news.

The Permaculture Activist magazine lists many resources for those interested in permaculture.

permaculture.co.uk site for Permaculture Magazine.

permaculturenow.com The Wilder Institute was created to promote and support permaculture education and design around the world.

earthflow.com provides training, consulting, design and workshop listings related to permaculture.

permies.com has forums, articles, videos and podcasts all about permaculture.

Earth User's Guide
to Permaculture
by Rosmary Morrow, 2014

Click on image for more information

Edible Landscaping
with a Permaculture Twist
How to Have Your Yard
and Eat It Too

by Michael Judd, 2013

Click on image for more information

Permaculture in Pots:
How to Grow Food
in small Urban Spaces

by Juliet Kemp, 2013 

Click on image for more information

The Permaculture Handbook: Garden Farming for Town and Country
by Peter Bane, 2012

Click on image for more information

People and PermacultureCaring & Designing
for Ourselves, Each Other
& The Planet

Looby Macnamara, 2012

Click on image for more information

Permaculture Design:
A Step-by-Step Guide

by Aryana, 2012

Click on image for more information

The Ultimate Guide to Permaculture
by Nicole Faires, 2012


Tending the Soul's Garden: Permaculture as a Way Forward in Difficult Times by Denise Rushing, 2011


Gaia's Garden:
A Guide To Home-Scale Permaculture

by Toby Hemenway, 2009


Getting Started in Permaculture
by Ross Mars, 2007

Click on image for more information

Smart Permaculture Design
by Jenny Allen, 2006


The Permaculture Way: Practical Steps To Create A Self-Sustaining World
by Graham Bell , 2005

Click on image for more information

The Permaculture Garden
by Graham Bell, 2005

Click on image for more information

The Basics of Permaculture Design
by Ross Mars, 2005

Click on image for more information

The Earth Care Manual:
A Permaculture Handbook
for Britain and Other Temperate Climates
by Patrick Whitefield, 2005 

Click on image for more information

Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability

by David Holmgren, 2002

Click on image for more information

Rainwater Catchment

rainwaterclub.org this site from India offers a wealth of information related to rainwater collection.

dancingrabbit.org how to build a rainwater catchment cistern.

rainbarrelguide.com lots of solid information about rainwater catchment and the sales of small barrels for this purpose.

rainchainsdirect.com talks about the history and function of rain chains to direct rain water from the roof to a storage container.

rain-barrel.net This blog-style collection of articles has a lot of good information about cisterns and barrels for water catchment systems.

chelseagreen.com an article describing the fundamentals of rainwater catchment systems.

eautarcie.org proposes systems for rainwater catchment and waste water treatment.

rainchainsworld.com some FAQ's about the use of rain chains.


Rainwater Harvesting:
Guiding Principles to Welcome Rain into Your Life
And Landscape

by Brad Lancaster, 2013

Click on image for more information

Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond:
Water-Harvesting Earthworks
by Brad Lancaster, 2013

Click on image for more information

Every Last Drop: Rainwater Harvesting and Sustainable Technologies in Rural China
by Zhu Qiang, Li Yuanhong
and John Gould, 2012


Rain Gardens:
Managing Water Sustainably
in the Garden
and Designed Landscape

by Nigel Dunnett, Andy Clayden 2007


Design for Water: Rainwater Harvesting, Stormwater Catchment, and Alternate Water Reuse
by Heather Kinkade-Levario, 2007


Water From The Sky
by Michael Reynolds, 2005


Rainwater Catchment Systems for Domestic Supply:
Design, Construction and Inplementation
by Erik Nissen Petersen, John Gould, 2000


Compost Toilets

theownerbuilder.com.au an article about building a compost toilet in Australia.

composting-toilet-store.com features an informative FAQ's page about compost toilets.

solartoilet.com The Solar Composting Advanced Toilet is designed to recycle human excrement and urine into a relatively dry and deodorized compost which can be safely and easily applied to the immediately surrounding landscape.

ecojohn.com manufactures waterless composting and incinerating toilets.

compost toilets:
a practical DIY guide

Dave Darby, 2012

Toilets That Make Compost: Low-Cost, Sanitary Toilets That Produce Valuable Compost for Crops in an African Context
by Peter Morgan, 2008


The Humanure Handbook:
A Guide to Composting Human Manure

by Joe Jenkins, 2005

Click on image for more information

Liquid Gold:
The Lore and Logic of Using Urine to Grow Plants

by Carol Steinfeld, 2004


Lifting the Lid
by Peter Harper, Louise Halestrap, 2001


Composting Toilet System Book: A Practical Guide to Choosing, Planning and Maintaining Composting Toilet Systems
by David Del Porto, Carol Steinfeld, 2000



toolbase.org disussion of the merits of using permeable pavement for driveways and landscaping.

airigator.com this system stores the condensate water from air conditioners and distributes it to water landscaping.


Drip Irrigation for Every Landscape and All Climates
by  Robert Kourik, 2009

Click on image for more information

The Wayside Gardens Collection

by Mark Rumay, 2001


Xeriscaping Handbook:
A How-To Guide to Natural, Resource-Wise Gardening

by Gayle Weinstein, 1999


Xeriscape Plant Guide:
100 Water-Wise Plants for Gardens and Landscapes

by Denver Water, 1999


The Xeriscape Flower Gardener: A Waterwise Guide for the Rocky Mountain Region
by Jim Knopf, 1991


Waste Water

oasisdesign.net describes the "Watson Wick," a system for dealing with black water without using a septic tank."

septicleanse.com has enzyme and bacterial treatment for septic systems.


The New Create an Oasis With Greywater: Choosing, Building and Using Greywater Systms
by Art Ludwig, 2006


Sewage Solutions
by Nick Grant, Mark Moodie, Chris Weedon, 2001


Builder's Greywater Guide: The Guide to Professional Installation of Greywater Systems
by Art Ludwig 1998


Water Storage

simplegreenliving.com has a free e-book about emergency water storage, written by my wife, Zana.


Back To Basics Complete Guide To Water Storage "How to Use Gray Water Tanks & Other Water Storage for Household & Emergency Use" by Julie Fryer, 2012


Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
by Delmar D. Fangmeier, et al, 2005


Water Storage: Tanks, Cisterns, Aquifers, and Ponds for Domestic Supply, Fire and Emergency Use--Includes How to Make Ferrocement Water Tanks
by Art Ludwig, 2005


Safe to Drink?
by Julie Stauffer, 2001


Cottage Water Systems:
An Out-of-the-City Guide to Pumps, Plumbing, Water Purification, and Privies

by Max Burns, 1999


The Home Water Supply : How to Find, Filter, Store and Conserve It
by Stu Campbell, 1983


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